The House of Virgin Mary

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Assumption of Mary day. Virgin Mary figurine with lily flowers.

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Ephesus Tours

How far is Ephesus from Kusadasi Port?

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The distance from Kusadasi Port to Ephesus is approximately 19 kilometers (about 11.8 miles) by road. The journey usually takes…

The House of Virgin Mary is a historic and religious site located near Ephesus, Turkey, believed by many to be the last residence of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Yes, the House of Virgin Mary is open to the public. Visitors can explore the site and learn about its significance.

The House of Virgin Mary is considered a pilgrimage site for Christians, as it is believed to be the place where Mary spent her final years. It holds religious and historical importance for Catholics.

Yes, there is an entrance fee to visit the House of Virgin Mary. As of now, the entrance fee is 250 Turkish Lira (₺), and visitors can conveniently pay by credit card.

Yes, visitors are generally allowed to take photographs inside the House of Virgin Mary. However, it’s recommended to check with the staff on-site for any specific guidelines.

Yes, guided tours are available at the House of Virgin Mary. Many visitors opt for guided tours to learn more about the history and significance of the site.

The opening hours of the House of Virgin Mary can vary,
Meryem Ana Evi (House of Mary)
Visiting Hours: 08:00 AM – 06:00 PM

Yes, the House of Virgin Mary is located in the vicinity of Ephesus and Selcuk. Visitors can easily reach the site by various means of transportation, including private tours, public transportation, or even on foot from Selcuk. The shrine of Meryem Ana Evi is located approximately 70 km. from the airport in Izmir. From Izmir, head for the town of Selçuk, where it is only another 9 km. to the shrine. Unfortunately, you cannot get public transport to Meryem Ana Evi. So, if you are not traveling with a package tour, you wıll need to rent a car or taxi, or take a fairly long walk up the narrow asphalt road (almost 1 hour from the northern gate of Ephesus).